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lundi 27 août 2012


12-14 Septembre, Charles ROJZMAN is invited to the inaugural meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland of a new global forum called the Spirit of Humanity. The Forum will explore the role of higher human values and spirituality in empowering effective decision making at personal, community, national and international levels. The first event has the theme
“Re-setting the Compass - creating a landscape of possibilitis. It will bring together around 100 influential individuals who recognise that lasting solutions to crises often require an involvement of the heart, rather than purely intellectual or material considerations.

"At the Forum, we wish to model an inclusive way of working and communicating as we feel that everyone can and does make a difference. Our experienced key facilitators will help in this process, ensuring that everyone’s voices are heard. Our purpose is to explore, listen and learn together. The Forum will be opened by HE The President of Iceland and our participants include those from the fields of governance, finance, environment, peace-building, education and the arts. "

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